mysterious Beta appears on the PS Store, but is not aimed at gamers

After seeing the magic of haptic feedback in Gran Turismo 7 for PS5, it increases the desire of many fans to try as soon as possible the next automotive production of Polyphony Digital, expected on PS5 and PS4 for March 4, 2022.

And something seemed to be moving in this sense, considering that a Beta for the racing game with the strange code name “Chess” has appeared on the PlayStation Store. To report it on Twitter is PlayStation Game Size, a generally very reliable source when it comes to the games arriving on Sony home consoles, in particular as regards the size of the installations. But it is good to curb the enthusiasm immediately: apparently the mysterious Beta would be designed exclusively for developers, without any kind of access to the public.

However, it is not clear how PlayStation Game Size has managed to link “Chess” to a possible beta of GT7 for developers, in any case the only certainty is that no trial version for players will come close. This obviously does not exclude that Polyphony Digital is preparing an ad hoc Beta for its game, to be launched perhaps a few steps from the debut of the complete product on physical and digital shelves. Turning instead to certainties, it is confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 will have over 400 cars, with the presence of some of the most iconic cars ever made in the world.