Naruto is coming, crossover date revealed!

The well-known leaker Hypex has taken us once again: after the leak of the past few hours, Epic Games has thought to dissolve all doubts by officially announcing that Naruto will arrive in Fortnite on Tuesday 16 November !.

The hugely popular ninja will therefore be the next character to enter the now crowded Fortnite roster, which in recent years has welcomed a multitude of pop culture characters. The precise details of the crossover are not yet known, since Epic Games has limited itself to providing us with a confirmation and a date, but we can expect skins, cosmetic items and perhaps some themed challenges. While waiting to receive official information, it is however worth highlighting another of the Hypex leaks, which also talked about the introduction of a Hub for Creative Mode inspired by the Hidden Leaf Village.

We take this opportunity to remind you that in these days Jinx from League of Legends, protagonist of the recent animated television series of Netflix Arcane, has also arrived in Fortnite. The Travis Scott emote, on the other hand, has been removed from the game – here’s why.