Naughty Dog has a ‘closing note’

The many initiatives promoted by Naughty Dog for The Last of Us Day 2021 were not enough, the Californian subsidiary of PlayStation Studios confirms that it has other news in store for the millions of fans of the post-apocalyptic epic with Joel and Ellie.

To announce the arrival of further details on Sony’s exclusive IP is Rochelle Snyder: with a comment on the sidelines of the presentation of the activities of TLOU Day 2021, Naughty Dog’s Sr. Manager Communications specified that “to conclude the day, please visit the official website pages at 8pm EST or 5pm PST for a closing note on The Last of Us Day with our fantastic fans. “

To listen to the Naughty Dog executive, therefore, at 02:00 Italian tonight the website of the PlayStation Studios subsidiary will be updated to welcome a final update on the celebrations for The Last of Us Day 2021. In the moment in to which we write, the Naughty Dog portal already provides all the information and links on the activities, promotions and news of the PS Gear Store already unveiled by Sony, consequently the “final note” mentioned by Snyder could herald the arrival of important news about the future of the series.

The latest rumors bounced on the net seem to converge on the rumored project of The Last of Us 2 multiplayer, complete with cinematic action gameplay and numerous innovations related to the Factions mode.