nearly 100,000 simultaneous players for the Beta on Steam

In the very first days of availability, the Beta of Back 4 Blood has depopulated on Steam but it seems to have gone even better in the last hours, with almost 100,000 players connected at the same time.

In the early stages of the Early Beta, the game saw a range of users varying between 65,000 and 88,000 players connected at the same time on Steam, but over the weekend this number increased again to reach 98,000 players connected at the same time as the Back 4 Blood Beta. , numbers that concern only the Steam client and do not consider active players on consoles.

This is certainly positive news for Turtle Rock and WB Games, also in view of the Open Beta scheduled from 12 to 16 August. In the weekend Back 4 Blood also surpassed Team Fortress 2 (92,000 connected players) and became the eighth most played game on Steam, preceded by titles such as Rust, Grand Theft Auto 5, Apex Legends.

In the last hours of the Early Beta, the number of active players has settled on 65,000 on Steam, a number that is still important and which testifies to how users stayed playing until the end without leaving the Beta earlier than expected. Encouraging, looking forward to the Public Beta scheduled for next weekend.