NetEase’s mobile blockbuster lands on iOS and Android

Over a year after the reveal of The Lord of the Rings Rise to War, the Chinese giant NetEase publishes the ambitious strategy for tablets and smartphones based on The Lord of the Rings on the App Store, Google Play and Galaxy Store.

The experience packaged by NetEase re-proposes the scenarios and events experienced by the characters of the now iconic film trilogy by Peter Jackson, as confirmed by the Asian developers themselves with the images accompanying the mobile launch of Rise to War.

Each player of the new free to play title for iOS and Android of The Lord of the Rings will have to fight in the War of the Ring by taking control of a settlement to be built and fortified in view of the pitched battles to be fought against the armies of Sauron. The infrastructure of your settlement determines the effectiveness and incisiveness of your tactics, with buildings designed to evolve the attack strength and the characteristics of the units.

The managerial nature of the title will then be emphasized by the need to enlist armies composed of spearmen, archers, knights, fantastic creatures and terrifying beasts: as the Superintendent of Middle-earth, we will therefore have to venture into a vast world and expand our territory by forming a Company and managing expeditionary forces, assaults and activities related to the acquisition of raw materials and precious resources.

Among the scenarios to visit, there will be the noble Minas Tirith and the terrifying Barad-dur, as well as all the other regions that bead the fantasy dimension shaped by the genius of JRR Tolkien. So take a look at the images and video of The Lord of the Rings Rise to War and let us know with a comment what you think of this project.