Netflix confirms the arrival of games in the service, without surcharges

Netflix has officially confirmed in a conference with shareholders its intention to try its hand at developing and including video games for its streaming service.

Here are the statements of the entertainment giant:

“We are also in the embryonic stages of expansion into the field of video games and are improving interactivity (with products like Black Mirror Bandersnatch) and our Stranger Things themed games. We consider gaming as an additional category, just like the movies, animation and TV. Video games will be included in the Netflix subscription at no extra cost just like movies and series. Initially we will focus on mobile productions. We have the same enthusiasm as when we work on movies and TV series and we want to investing more and more in the various categories present in our service, which is almost 10 years old. Our intention is also to understand what value our subscribers give to video games. “

In short, it seems that the latest rumors about Netflix Shark were founded and it cannot be excluded that in the future there will also be a confirmation of the partnership with Sony PlayStation to bring some of the exclusives into the subscription service, which will not suffer a price increase with the addition of a section related to gaming.