new Amazon offer for the weekend

Zombicide is one of the most popular board games of recent years, a real cult phenomenon of the ’10s that has also given rise to a series of expansions and a second edition, the latter is on offer on Amazon at a special price. .

Zombicide is a high-tension collaborative game: players take on the role of some Survivors who must join forces to survive an invasion of zombies, controlled by the game itself. They will have to find weapons and resources, kill zombies and build up adrenaline to develop their full potential. But the more zombies they kill, the more they will come! Zombicide Second Edition contains updated and reorganized rules and materials from the classic Zombicide sets.

Zombicide Second Edition features updated rules compared to the first version, the package includes everything you need to start playing alone or with friends: 88 miniatures, 6 colored bases of the survivors, 6 boards of the survivors, 12 identity cards of the survivors, 107 mini cards, 9 double-sided game tiles, 6 dice, 48 scoreboards, 71 tokens and the updated rulebook.

You can buy Zombicide Second Edition in Italian on Amazon at the price of 82.13 euros instead of 99.90 euros with a saving of 17.77 euros on the list price, equal to 18% discount.