new free PS5 and PS4 games, when will they be announced?

The PlayStation Plus games, as we know, are announced at the end of the month, it is still early to discover the new free games of September 2021 for PS5 and PS4, in a few days we will know more. But what is the date to mark on the calendar?

Unless unexpected events or last-minute slips, the date we are interested in is Wednesday 25 August at 17:30 Italian time, Sony announces the new PlayStation Plus games on the last Wednesday of the month in the afternoon, in the past it has happened that this pattern would skip due to certain holidays or perhaps the proximity to the State of Play, but at the moment there are no announcements of scheduled events, although there are rumors of a State of Play scheduled for August 19th.

But what can we expect from the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for September 2021? According to our forecasts, among the new games there could be FIST Forged In Shadow Torch (out on 7 September, the very day for the availability of PlayStation Plus games on the PlayStation Store) and maybe a fighting game like Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition, without forgetting among the hypotheses also Call of Duty Modern Warfare by Activision and Destroy All Humans! by THQ Nordic.

Obviously, these are only hypotheses and forecasts and therefore Sony’s PlayStation Plus offer for the month of September could be very different. We will know more in late August.