new game and animated movie coming?

In recent months, rumors had spread about a new Donkey Kong game for Nintendo Switch developed by the Super Mario Odyssey team, working on a 2D or 2.5D platform whose release seemed even scheduled for 2021.

Now the well-known insider Zippo returns to the topic, confirming once again that the new Donkey Kong exists: it would in fact be in development for three years, to the point that the leaker was convinced that it would be shown during the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021. As we have instead seen, the ape in tie did not appear at all during the event of the Great N. Zippo also adds that Nintendo intends to focus very strongly on the return of the famous character, expanding the franchise even beyond the videogame world: it would be in the plans the realization of a animation project (which should be a movie or TV series) and even a theme park focused on Donkey Kong.

Although Zippo is always very active when it comes to anticipating Nintendo’s projects, for now we are in the field of mere hypotheses and there is nothing confirmed. With the plans for 2021 and early 2022 already well outlined by the Kyoto house, it seems very difficult that the eventual Donkey Kong for Switch can arrive in the coming months, even if nothing is to be excluded. Waiting for news you can read our review of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze for Switch and thus rediscover the most recent adventure of the cute gorilla.