new leaks show the campaign menu and a special Warthog

Meanwhile, the first session of the Halo Infinite Technical Beta has ended a few days ago, here are new leaks regarding the new Sci-Fi shooter from 343 Industries. The material leaked online and reported on reddit has to do this time with the single player mode that we will live in the role of Master Chief.

As you can see by following this link, the leaked image shows us the user interface and the main screen of the Halo Infinite campaign. It is from here that, as usual, we can start the adventure completely from scratch or load a previous save, but there is also a curious option called “Campaign HUB (Debug)”. It is possible that this is something related to the alleged multiple campaigns of Halo Infinite, and that from here we will therefore be able to choose which adventure to launch ourselves. The additional campaigns will most likely be inserted at a later time: the wording “Debug”, moreover, suggests that the HUB will not be present at the launch of the game.

A second leak also shows us the in-game advertising of a mighty Warthog very particular (it could be considered a spoiler), a clear joking reference that you will not struggle to recognize if you have played Halo 2.

Halo Infinite is expected on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles by the end of 2021. The SlipSpace Engine has been called a mystical beast by a developer at 343 Industries.