new medieval RPG gameplay for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S

The representatives of Prime Matter, the new premium label of Koch Media, illustrate in video the medieval atmosphere of The Last Oricru, the action RPG recently announced by the GoldKnights team with expected launch on PC and nextgen consoles.

The hero we will play in The Last Oricru will find himself in the middle of an unleashed conflict between two races that will compete for the dominance of the last fertile lands of a partially terraformed planet forced into isolation due to a gigantic protective barrier.

The autarchy imposed by this barrier will push the inhabitants of this world to unleash a perennial war for control of the meager resources at their disposal. The game experience of The Last Oricru will therefore be strongly centered on the plot, with decisions that will deeply influence the continuation of the adventure.

In the title, according to its creators, there will be hundreds of fights to be faced by constantly improving the level of their skills and the effectiveness of the equipment. The game is already in a relatively advanced stage of development, as confirmed by the guys at GoldKnights, setting its release on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S for 2022. If you are intrigued by the “medieval fantasy” setting of this project and want to know more about the promised gaming experience, we refer you to our special on The Last Oricru.