new record of users connected on Steam thanks to the community

Almost 17 years have passed since that distant November 16, 2004, the day in which the world of video games was enriched thanks to the debut of Half-Life 2, one of the most loved products of all time. And it is precisely for the love of the game that the community has organized a very special event.

The community has in fact agreed over the last few days to ensure that the Valve title set a new record on Steam. The event, whose name was “Breaking the Bar”, consisted in starting Half-Life 2 all together at a predetermined time (ie yesterday’s 17:00 Italian time, Saturday 14 August 2021) and making sure that as many players as possible did the same thanks to the help of some streamers on Twitch. Such an organization has had the hoped-for success and, in such a long time since its release, Half-Life 2 has reached a new peak of players simultaneously connected to the title’s servers. At the moment, the Steam database confirms that the absolute record of connected users was reached just yesterday at 17:30 thanks to the 16,101 players who decided to start the Valve title and thus take part in the event.

Waiting to find out if the development team will send some kind of message to thank the fans, we remind you that Half-Life 2 Remastered Collection was recently spotted on Steam.