new regulations forbid them to the very young

China takes the issue of microtransactions seriously by enacting new regulations on the subject aimed at drastically reducing its use among players, especially younger ones. These are targeted actions aimed at suppressing a problematic phenomenon for the Chinese government, which therefore intends to limit it as much as possible.

The new rules prohibit children under 8 from making digital purchases, while the very young between 8 and 16 can spend a maximum of 50 CNY per transaction, for a total of 200 per month. As for young people between the ages of 16 and 19, the maximum limit for spending on microtransactions is 400 CNY, and with a maximum of 100 CNY per transaction. No further regulations have been made for older players.

China intends to go even further by opening a line created specifically to denounce all those who violate these regulations, especially game companies heavily focused on microtransactions which could then devise methods to force the new system developed by the government to continue. to profit without restraints and without scruples.

In addition, in recent months, China has established a maximum of 3 hours of gaming for minors to combat video game addiction among the youngest. Changing the subject, do you also know why China wants to build a kilometer-long spacecraft?