new sequences not before 2022, EA Motive talks

Dead Space Remake will bring back Electronic Arts’ beloved survival horror series after almost a decade of absence. However, it is currently unclear when it will be possible to get your hands on the remake of the first adventure of Isaac Clarke, arriving on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One.

In terms of video sequences, Dead Space Remake gameplay was first shown at the end of August via a build of the works still in pre-production. Apparently that trailer will be the last filmed testimony of the new Dead Space for some time: through a post on Reddit, the community manager of EA Motive, Caden House, has in fact revealed that nothing will be shown anymore of the game until to 2022. The reason is simple: the works are still in the initial stages.

“What we showed you was from work in progress, which means that we are working on aspects such as the Issac suit, the aesthetics and the environments of the Ishimura,” explains House, who continues: “We will work head-on on the game. ‘now forward, taking some time to rearrange all the thoughts, ideas and suggestions that all of you have shared with us. We look forward to showing you next year, when we are further along in development, how you have helped us shape the game”.

It will therefore be necessary to be very patient before reviewing the title in action, perhaps in a much more advanced state than what has been shown so far. Meanwhile it has been confirmed that Dead Space Remake will have advanced dismemberments and zero gravity sections.