new shortcut discovered by accident

Waiting to find out if the rumors that would like a reamke of the first Metal Gear Solid in development will prove to be true, there are those who delight in the original work of Hideo Kojima.

Among the latter, we also find the streamer active on Twitch as “Boba”. During a live broadcast, the latter ran into a rather singular unexpected: hit by a guard, she managed to overcome a normally closed door, thus reaching a more advanced area of ​​the game. Rather confused by the evolution of events, Boba was promptly informed of the incident by her community.

This first experience with Metal Gear Solid, however peculiar, quickly made the speedrunners delight, who have already dubbed the glitch as “Boba’s shortcut”. It is in fact an unprecedented stratagem, which the community of enthusiasts is now preparing to test, in an attempt to set new records in the work of Konami. A “leap” no small feat for those used to saving every second, since it allows you to avoid about two and a half minutes of gameplay.

Waiting to find out what the speedrunners will be able to achieve with this discovery, there is no shortage of rumors about a collaboration between Bluepoint Games, Sony and Konami, to create a makeover of the first Metal Gear Solid destined for PlayStation 5.