new shots of crazed cyborgs and bizarre open world scenarios

After confirming that they are already working on the sequel to the Russian BioShock, the Mundfish team ideally takes us back to the science complex of Facility N3826 to show us the crazed cyborgs and the Atomic Heart scenarios.

The latest batch of screenshots show the incredible level of detail of the settings that will be the background of this open world shooter, with scientific installations and enemies that will recreate an alternate reality in which the Soviet Union will invest all its economic and war resources in robotic automation and not, as happened in reality, in nuclear weapons.

As a KGB agent called to investigate the malfunctions of the cyborgs of Structure 3286, our task will therefore be to face hordes of biomechanical monsters, sentient holograms and war robots to investigate the causes that led to the closure of this fictional ” Russian Area 51 “.

The images shared by the Moscow developers resume the scenes admired in the Atomic Heart E3 2021 video which confirmed its arrival on PC and consoles during this year, complete with an immediate landing in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. If you want to know more about this project which, despite the proclamations of Mundfish does not yet have a date or even an indicative launch window, we refer you to our special on Atomic Heart between gameplay and history.