new team for the study

With Remedy committed to a vast series of projects, including the still mysterious Project Condor, Vanguard and the sequel to Control, the software house has decided to extend its boundaries.

Through an official press release, the authors of Control and Alan Wake have in fact confirmed their intention to open a new subsidiary in Sweden, ready to become operational as early as next year. A decision born following the adherence to smart working practices during the months of lockdown linked to the actions to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over the past year and a half, Remedy has welcomed several senior developers residing in Sweden into its ranks. The latter have always worked remotely, eventually forming an interesting creative core. Satisfied with this development, Remedy has now decided to structure the Swedish employees into a real development team, which will become operational in 2022.

After a pilot project overseen by Johnny Mang, Vanguard development manager, Remedy is ready to set up the new studio in central Stockholm. The Swedish core already operating in the team will be joined by 25 new professionals. The Finnish software house has not offered details on what the tasks of the Swedish subsidiary will be, but given Mang’s involvement, it is realistic to assume that in Stockholm they will work on the development of Vanguard.