new testimonies of harassment and discrimination from former employees

After the striking case represented by Activision-Blizzard, Paradox Interactive also recently ended up in the eye of the storm for being accused of discriminating against its female staff.

Now comes further testimonies of developers and collaborators with bad experiences behind them within the company specializing in strategic titles. As reported by and the Swedish portal Svenska Dagbladet, within Paradox the male presence dominates and there does not seem to be any decision-making space for women who collaborate in the realization of the company’s videogame projects, not to mention cases of harassment. real that several witnesses declare they have suffered.

“He had too many physical contact with us female employees,” reveals a former employee of the behavior of a Paradox executive. “A hand on her crotch or very tight hugs, sinking her face on her neck. Several girls have talked about it.”

Another witness added: “I’ve been to meetings where I was the only woman in the room and I said ‘Hey, I really think we should go this way, based on my experience’, and someone looks at me and says, ‘ You know what, you’re only here as a symbolic presence. So I think you should shut up ‘. It’s hard to be a woman in this company. “

The CEO of Paradox Interactive commented on the controversial situation a few weeks ago, admitting that he became the protagonist of an unpleasant episode dating back to 2018.