new wave of games on offer for less than 4 euros

The new PlayStation Store discounts also bring a wave of super cheap games, as usual we went digging through the pages of the store and this time we offer you a selection of PS4 and PS5 games for sale for less than 4 euros. Are there only indie games and mobile ports at this price? Not exactly…

The first game on the list is our cover game, Codemasters’ Onrush sold for 2.49 euros, the same price for the irreverent Hotline Miami while Steamworld Dig costs even less, only 2.24 euros. Super price for Thomas Was Alone sold at 79 cents, reduced prices also for Rebel Cops (3.29 euros), Metagal (1.99 euros), Promesa (3.49 euros) and Rabisco (2.49 euros), indie productions not too famous but not for this reason underestimate.

The classic Puzzle Bubble 2 (ACA Neo Geo version) is on sale at 3.49 euros, Minit costs 3.99 euros and we also recommend Anyone’s Diary in promotion at 2.99 euros. Oniken Unstoppable Edition costs 3.99 euros, Slender The Arrival and Virginia cost 1.99 euros each, MXGP 2 The Official Motocross Videogame is on super offer at 1.49 euros and we also recommend Troll and I at 3.99 euros.