New World, stop the transfer of servers: Amazon Games explains why

Made available only a few hours ago in Europe, the transfer of servers to New World was abruptly interrupted by Amazon Games. As explained in a new post published on the official MMORPG portal, the developers ran into some technical problems.

“We have transferred approximately 150K players since character transfers were activated,” we read from the announcement released by Amazon Games. “A small number of these resulted in some characters’ data being invalidated, which will need to be corrected. We did this for the affected people last night, but there are still some affected transfers taking place. We’ve paused the files. transfers of characters and evaluated how we can prevent this problem from occurring in the future. When everything is resolved, we will resume the service, and we will make an announcement well in advance. “
At the moment it is therefore necessary to wait for the problem to be resolved and the service to be restored. Until Amazon Games provides new updates on the issue, it will not be possible for players to take advantage of the feature in any way.

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