Niantic listened to the complaints of the players, it will change its communication

Following some restrictive changes made by Niantic Labs, the Pokémon GO community has not reacted in the best way, and the disappointment created among fans due to the latest changes has convinced the company to intervene once again and change its policy. .

Among the restrictions introduced by the development team to deal with the contagion from Covid-19, we have the spacing for Gyms and Pokéstop, with which it was possible to interact with the two points of interest within 40 meters of distance. The decision has sparked the discontent of users, and that is why Niantic has finally decided to increase the available range from 40 to 80 meters. In addition to this, the company has confirmed that it will distribute seasonal bonuses on a global basis, and no longer on a region-by-region basis as previously planned.

The latest big news is the fact that in October the developer diaries will be inaugurated, with which the playerbase of the mobile game will be able to stay constantly updated on updates and future additions of gameplay.

“We still believe in the importance of discovering interesting places and things in the real world, and we don’t want to lose sight of it,” said Niantic Labs. “The team is eager to develop new ways that motivate and reward Trainers for exploration and exercise in the real world. We have new ideas to explore and look forward to sharing more in the coming months.”