Nier Replicant is on offer for consoles and PCs at a great price

NieR Replicant, the remake of the first NieR released in 2010 for the Japanese market, is again available for purchase at a discounted price in the PlayStation 4 version, fully functional also on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X and PC.

The title is on offer on Amazon at 42.99 euros, instead of a list price of 59.99 euros. This is an excellent offer, as the game is sold with a 28% discount from the price list after a few months of release. The last time the game was on offer at this price, stocks ran out very quickly, so we advise you not to hesitate if you are interested in buying.

It is obviously also playable on PlayStation 5, which we remember to be compatible with PlayStation 4 games, there is currently no version with an exclusive cover only for the new Sony console.

Click here to buy NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 at a discounted price

We also point out that you can save another 5 euros by purchasing the game and selecting a withdrawal point as a shipping method, click here to check if the promotion can be activated from your account.

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