Ninja Theory sets Senua’s clothes on fire to create hyper-realistic textures

With the latest clip shared on social networks by Ninja Theory, the authors of the English subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios show the efforts made to create the hyper-realistic textures that we will find in Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2.

In the short but eloquent video shown by Ninja Theory you can admire the operations carried out by the British designers to add textures to the Hellblade 2 graphics engine that represent, in the most realistic way possible, burnt fabrics.

With the aid of a welding torch, the developers carbonized the ends of a leatherette fabric to create the texture of what, in all likelihood, will be the ceremonial dress of Senua or another member of her tribe.

Once burned, the material was scanned with an advanced digital photogrammetry technique that perfectly recreated every detail of the fabric, an operation that the Ninja Theory team is repeating for all the other textures that will map the natural scenarios and polygonal patterns. of objects or people within Hellblade 2’s nextgen dimension on Unreal Engine 5.

In case you missed it, here you will find the video of Hellblade 2 from the Xbox Showcase Extended broadcast by Microsoft in mid-June as part of the multimedia events related to E3 2021.