Nintendo cleared a misunderstanding Tweet with Samus and Snake

Nintendo France posted a Tweet starring Snake and SamusT, the message was deleted after the post was filled with mischievous comments about the bounty hunter’s pose and Snake’s gaze.

The screenshot is actually taken from Super Smash Bros Ultimate but the pose of the two characters, combined with the mischievous eyes emoji added by the Nintendo France social media manager could give rise to doubts and misunderstandings, as actually happened. Sexual innuendo and erotic references quickly appeared in the comments, probably hence the company’s decision to permanently delete the Tweet.

It is not clear what actually happened and why the message was deleted, in all likelihood, as mentioned, the Tweet was misinterpreted and the fact that the comments were filled with not very nice allusions could have been the decisive reason that pushed the social network media manager of the French division of Nintendo to delete the Tweet.

In the original intentions, the message was to serve to promote the announcement event of the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter scheduled for this afternoon at 16:00 Italian time. Post-launch support for this beloved fighting game is about to end but there is still room for a new (and final) character. Who will it be? We will find out later.