Nintendo exclusive on the net before launch

Earlier this month it was Samus Aran’s turn, with Metroid Dread leaking several days before launch. Unfortunately, now it is the turn of Mario and his companions from the Mushroom Kingdom.

In fact, it seems that Mario Party Superstars has been hit by several leaks, with material relating to the game now freely accessible on the net. To confirm this, it is in particular the editorial staff of VGC, which claims to have spotted screenshots and unpublished details relating to the title on multiple social media. Exactly as in the case of Metroid Dread, the Nintendo exclusive is hit by the leak of news several days before the official release date, which would like Mario Party Superstars to arrive on the international gaming market on October 29, 2021.

At the moment, it is not clear if the flaw in the system is internal to Nintendo or rather related to the repeated breakdown of Day One at some distributors. In any case, strong actions by the Kyoto giant, traditionally very strict in managing such circumstances, cannot be ruled out. Waiting for any further details, we remind you that Mario Party Superstars is preparing to celebrate the history of the Mario Party series with a collection of as many as one hundred mini-games, arriving exclusively on Nintendo Switch.