Nintendo Switch games on offer at 99 cents: there is also Toki!

We know what you are thinking, at the price of 99 cents on eShop there are only minor productions, small-caliber independent games and smartphone apps adapted for the Nintendo console. It is certainly true, but in this case there are some very pleasant exceptions that we are happy to point out.

The first is obviously Toki at 99 cents, a reissue of a platform released in the arcade in the late 80s and then converted to a large number of consoles. This remake by Microids features cartoon-style graphics with hand-drawn backdrops and a soundtrack orchestrated and re-arranged for the occasion. All the levels of the original game are present in a new guise, the historical bosses that characterized Toki’s adventure are also back. Really unmissable at this price.

The second game we recommend is Moto Racer 4, also on sale for 99 cents, although it is not an absolute masterpiece, fans of two-wheel racing will find themselves in front of a discreet game, sold for the price of a coffee.

Other Switch games on offer at 99 cents include Robonauts, Woodle Tree Adventures, Oh … Sir! The Insult Simulator, Brawl, Atomik, Mad Carnage, I Zombie, Spiral Splatter, Alteric and Save The Ninja Clan.