Nintendo Switch, the Mega Drive controller with only three buttons in the west, you’re in Japan

The games for Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive are preparing to invade the Nintendo Switch Online service, through a new subscription plan that will enhance the traditional one with an intriguing selection of titles that will delight the greatest retrogaming fans.

During the Nintendo Direct it was confirmed that the N64 and Mega Drive games will arrive on Switch with dedicated controllers, with shapes 100% faithful to the original joypads. Apparently, however, the controllers for the games of the historic SEGA console will be very different depending on the territory in which they will be distributed, and all to the advantage of Japanese players. In fact, in Japan, the version with six keys will be marketed: it is the special edition of 1993 sold at the time to coincide with the release of Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition. The Capcom Fighting Game would hardly have performed at its best with the standard controller with only three buttons, which is why they opted for the production of a special joypad.

Back to the present, Western Switch users will have to settle for the standard three-button pad instead. The reasons behind this choice are not clear, however for the Mega Drive titles available at the launch of the new subscription this difference does not represent a problem: the 14 games, in fact, were designed to work through the three original keys. However, any drawbacks could arise in the future with the addition of new productions to the catalog: we recall that during the life cycle of the Mega Drive, about 60 games were made with enhanced controller support, which could therefore create some trouble for Americans and Europeans if were added to the service.

Waiting to find out which other games will become part of Nintendo Switch Online, for more information on all the announcements related to Nintendo, here is our recap of the Nintendo Direct of September 2021.