no Assassination at launch, that’s why there won’t be

During the presentation of the Tech Preview of Halo Infinite, Tom French (Senior Mission Designer of 343) confirmed that the Assassination (attack introduced in Halo Reach and later also seen in Halo 4) will not be present at the launch in the new game of the series.

“Assassination will not be present in Halo Infinite at launch. We love this and other finishers but we have found that many people turn them off because these attacks also come with some disadvantages.” Assassins are long, elaborate animations that activate as an instant kill with a melĂ© attack behind you. They leave those who make them defenseless to enemy blows for the duration of the assassination, and can even be interrupted by losing what would otherwise be a guaranteed kill. Beautiful and fun, they were turned off by all players in competitive matches because they were too disadvantageous.

The studio will evaluate how to move with the aim of understanding how to introduce Assassination in Halo Infinite without unbalancing the gameplay, the team wants to make sure that the finishers are accessible and that they give satisfaction in the execution, without going to ruin the balance. general.

The Halo Infinite Technical Beta will be held from July 29th to August 1st, this first test will focus on the stability of the servers, the online infrastructure and the functioning of the Bots, also the participants will be able to try the in-game shop without spending anything, so this aspect of production must also be tested. Halo Infinite is still without a release date, according to some rumors the game will arrive in November, we know that the multiplayer will be distributed as free to play, as confirmed by Microsoft and 343 at the last E3 in June.