no cross-play and cross-save between Switch and PC

After arriving in exclusive time on Nintendo Switch and having placed the beauty of 7.5 million copies distributed, Monster Hunter Rise is preparing to make its debut on PC in January 2022. The hunting game will therefore welcome the features of cross-play and the cross-save between the two platforms?

Unfortunately the answer is negative: Capcom has officially confirmed that neither of the two features will be added to the gaming experience, and of course the same will be true for the Sunbreak expansion. Below, the official statements of the Japanese publisher, disseminated through the Monster Hunter Twitter account:

“We have listened to your cross-save / cross-play requests for and Sunbreak, but unfortunately, after examining the features during the development process, we found that this time we are unable to implement them. “Those who want to switch from Switch to PC will have to keep in mind that the progress made on the hybrid console of the big N cannot be transferred to PC in any way, obviously it will not be possible to carry out the reverse process either.

Recall that Monster Hunter Rise will also be available on PC starting from January 12 of next year, the Sunbreak expansion will arrive during the summer of 2022. A video from TGS 2021 showed the PC version of the hunting game in action.