no limits to cooperative and personalization, promises Volition

In the new insight into the contents of the Saints Row Reboot, the guys from Volition confirm the presence of a deep cooperative mode and the widest offer ever seen in the series in terms of customizations.

Representatives of the Illinois software house begin by stating that Saints Row will have “a seamless cooperative offering, an accessible feature for the entire game and cross-gen. So yes, you’re playing on the hardware. more modern or not, you’ll enjoy the freedom to immerse yourself in the entire campaign with a friend through a seamless drop-in / drop-out co-op mode. You won’t be stuck waiting in lobbies! “.

As per tradition for the series, even in the remake of Saints Row, customization will be the cornerstone of the gaming experience: to confirm this are the same authors of Volition in referring to the Santo Ileso of Saints Row Reboot as “the largest and most in-depth customization experience never seen in the series “.

The character creation system, for example, will offer eight special modules and a plethora of features to change the appearance of your alter-ego. Customization will also go through clothing, with the return of “layers of clothing” and an infinity of garments and accessories to choose from.

The fans of engines will then be happy to know that in the new Santo Ileso of Saints Row, one of the most flourishing activities will be that of vehicle customization: by exploring the map we will therefore be able to break the rhythm of the missions by engaging in the development and aesthetic customization of any vehicle in your possession.