no Ray Tracing for a specific reason, explains miHoYo

MiHoYo Technical Director Zhenzhong Yi chatted with the journalists of to confirm and justify the absence of Ray Tracing in the Genshin Impact update 2.0, scheduled for launch in a few days on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5 and iOS and Android mobile systems.

During the interview, the exponent of the Chinese software house behind the international success of Genshin Impact focused on the PS5 nextgen hardware to explain that “Ray Tracing on PlayStation 5 can certainly help to render more realistic images. However, Adding this technology to Genshin Impact would require a tremendous effort on the part of our artists and our team of developers to ensure a visual experience that preserved the authentic look and artistic style of Teyvat. “

Due to the huge work of “artistic reconstruction” of the lighting that would have involved the adoption of Ray Tracing in Genshin Impact, the miHoYo team has therefore decided to keep the current rendering system and to focus their creative efforts on other aspects of the graphics sector and the gaming experience. To report it is the same Yi in declaring as “given the huge efforts required, we have chosen to focus on those elements that would have guaranteed an effective improvement of the game experience, bringing out features that could really improve the gameplay”.

The next major update to miHoYo’s free blockbuster RPG is expected to launch on July 21st. If you want to know more, on the pages of you will find our in-depth information on the news of Genshin Impact 2.0 from Inazuma to Ayaka.