no risk of analog drifting

With the opening of Steam Deck pre-orders, Valve’s hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat spoke to’s microphones to underline the designers’ commitment to limit as much as possible the occurrence of problems or malfunctions related to the analog drifting.

In full awareness of the need to ensure the long-term functioning and operation of a portable console which, like the Steam Deck, does not provide for any option to release the controllers from the central body of the system as occurs with the Joy-Con of Nintendo Switch, Aldehayyat points out that “we have conducted a lot of reliability tests, taking into account a lot of factors such as input wear, environmental factors and things like that.”

The hardware engineer who contributed to the design of Steam Deck reassures the buyers of the laptop by stressing that “the users will be really super happy, for them it will be a great purchase. I mean, obviously every electronic component is bound to run into malfunctions. some point, but we think people will be very satisfied and happy with their Deck. “

John Ikeda also participated in the discussion: the Steam Deck designer draws inspiration from the words spoken by his colleague Aldehayyat to reiterate that “we chose components whose performance we knew. We certainly didn’t want to risk in choosing such essential components, but I’m sure that also our customers know that we would never have taken any risk from this point of view. “

The launch of the potential rival of the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for December 2021. To the handheld console surprisingly announced by Valve we have dedicated an in-depth video full of considerations and analysis on the differences to similarities of Steam Deck with PS5 and Xbox Series X.