Norse giants and alien mutants among Epic Store gifts

With the proverbial Thursday afternoon update of the Epic Store pages, the curators of Epic’s digital store unveil the full list of PC games to redeem for free between now and next week.

Starting today May 5 and until Thursday 12 May at 5:00 pm, all those who have an Epic account (registration, we remind you, is free) can redeem a copy of Terraforming Mars for zero euros.

The strategic sci-fi of Asmodee Digital offers fans of the genre the opportunity to try their hand at the permanent colonization of the Red Planet through its terraforming, i.e. the slow transformation of Mars into a habitable world (breathable atmosphere, pressure sufficient to guarantee the appearance of water on the surface and arable land).

Without taking anything away from Terraforming Mars, the highlight of the offer packaged by Epic is certainly represented by next week’s free video game double. From the afternoon of May 12, just log into the Epic Store portal with your account to redeem a copy of Jotun Valhalla Edition and Prey for free. The Thunder Lotus action adventure in Norse sauce and the famous thrilling experience of the Arkane studios will be offered for zero euros on the Epic Store between 12 and 19 May. If you are interested, here you will find our review of Jotun Valhalla Edition and the review of Prey.