official release on PS5 and PS4 at the end of 2021

A new chapter in the war between humans and aliens according to Sandlot is approaching its debut. From the pages of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu comes the confirmation that Earth Defense Force 6 will see the light on both PlayStation 5 and PS4 by the end of 2021, distributed by D3 Publisher.

At the moment there is no more precise date on when the next episode of the series will make its debut, nor when it will also be published in Europe and the United States: the launch window refers to the Japanese debut, without communications regarding the release. western. Announced during 2020, so far the consoles that would host Earth Defense Force 6 had not been communicated, so we now have the certainty that both Sony consoles on the market will host the new iteration of the brand started in 2003 with Monster Attack.

For those unfamiliar with it, Earth Defense Force is a series of action, spectacle and frenzy, with arcade-like gameplay that confronts us with small and large alien creatures. The last main chapter of the franchise was Earth Defense Force 5 released on PS4 in the West in 2018 and also converted to PC in the course of 2019. Now we have to wait for a definitive date also for the Old Continent.