offline server for the new October 13th update

After clarifying how to manage bans on New World, the Amazon Game Studios team is preparing to make several corrections to the game experience proposed by the MMO.

In the course of today, in particular, a new update will be published, aimed at solving multiple bugs and imperfections. There are several areas affected by the update, which will, for example, intervene on the New World faction missions. For the attackers, specifically, the pace of influence increase will be slowed, while the gradual reduction of the same for the defending factions will be completely removed. On a more general level, Amazon Game Studios then made some improvements to the AI ​​and the operation of the store.

To ensure proper implementation for all changes and fixes made to the game, the New World servers will be shut down for scheduled maintenance. The latter will start at 12:00 in the Italian time zone and will last until about 17:00, with a five-hour window during which the MMO will be inaccessible.

In the meantime, Amazon Game Studios are continuing to work on activating Region Transfer functions for characters created by New World players. More details on the transfer of the servers, promises the software house, will be shared as soon as possible.