OLED switch, worried about screen burn-in? Here’s what Nintendo says

The biggest attraction of the Nintendo Switch OLED, the new hybrid model arriving on the market in October, is clearly its brand new 7-inch high-contrast OLED screen, capable of offering brighter images than the LCD displays of the other two consoles. of the family.

Like all OLED screens, in any case, even that of Nintendo Switch OLED could be subject to the problem of burn-in, an effect that consists in the persistence on the panel of a ghost footprint after a static image has been displayed for a long time. time. The problem, which also occurs on OLED televisions and smartphones, is so worrying that the CNET editorial team contacted Nintendo for reassurance, obtaining in response a statement in which the Kyoto house explained that the family’s operating system Switch comes with a couple of useful features to mitigate the problem.

“We have designed the OLED screen with longevity in mind as much as possible, but these types of displays may experience image retention if they play static scenes for long periods of time. In any case, users can take preventative measures to preserve the screen. using features included by default in the Nintendo Switch system, such as auto-brightness and auto-sleep after short periods of time. “

Nintendo Switch OLED, we recall, will be launched on the market on 8 October 2021 at the price of 349.99 euros. According to an analyst, thanks to his contribution, the Switch could become the best-selling console ever, surpassing even the PlayStation 2.