on video one of the most imaginative uses of the grappling hook

The servers of the preview version of Halo Infinite have been online for several days now and the lucky players selected to take part in the event are indulging in PvP matches against other players and, above all, against bots controlled by artificial intelligence.

In the online matches of this version of the game it is also possible to use one of the absolute novelties of the latest chapter of the Microsoft series, shown for the first time at the presentation of the single player campaign: the grappling hook. In a few hours the players have begun to master this tool and to use it in the strangest ways and not only in the ‘traditional’ way as shown in the official videos of the developers, who use the object to reposition themselves and hit the opponent. In a short video shared on social media, for example, it is possible to see how the grapple can also be used to hook objects and weapons with the aim of attracting them: in the case of the video that you find at the bottom of the news, the explosion of a grenade he flies a hammer which is hooked by the player with notable reflexes. In short, these few moments suggest how such a tool can have interesting implications in terms of gameplay and it is likely that we will soon be able to discover other uses.

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