one player completed it blindfolded in 4 and a half hours

Would you be able to play and complete a title without looking at the screen? Most certainly not, but you may rightly point out that there is no need to do this. Yet, online it is not difficult to run into players who are constantly looking for challenges and eager to push their limits.

This is the case of streamer Mitchriz, who was able to complete Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice blindfolded. No, you have not read wrong: there really is a person who has managed to get to the credits of a game that some are not able to complete even normally. It’s all documented: live on Twitch, while his followers watched in amazement, Mitchriz achieved the Shura ending in just 4 hours, 35 minutes and 13 seconds without ever looking at the screen.

You can admire the excited final moments at the bottom of this news, but we advise you to watch the replica of the entire enterprise, one of a kind. It wasn’t easy, of course: Mitchriz moved into the world of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice relying on sound feedback (luckily the enemies and their attacks produce unique noises), counting the steps one by one to measure the distance traveled in a straight line. and hitting the walls with the sword to orient yourself. There was also no shortage of problems: the streamer fell a couple of times over a precipice and on some occasions had to start over from the sections, since he could no longer understand where he was. Nothing capable of undermining the epic nature of a unique undertaking in the world, in any case.