only 2 people working on the series, the rest are on Apex Legends

While Titanfall has never left the hearts of fans, even seeing its popularity grow concurrently with its Steam launch and Apex Legends crossover, it currently falls outside of Respawn Entertainment’s short-term priorities. The Californian team is almost entirely focused on free-to-play battle royale.

A few days ago, some fans chose a rather unique way to make their affection for Titanfall felt: hacking Apex Legends servers to convey a message advertising the activities of a fansite, which attacked Respawn for the little interest it is reserving in the beloved titan-based franchise. An initiative moved by unconditional love for the series, but implemented in a way that is anything but noble, since on balance it has precluded other players from accessing Apex Legends for several hours.

At the same time, attacks on Titanfall have also intensified (which has vulnerabilities that have not been patched since 2019) and Titanfall 2. Respawn explains that the infrastructures of the series have been prey to attacks for a long time, but after the Apex Legends deal are intensified, preventing players from participating in online matches. Contrary to what happened to Apex Legends, in any case, the problems of Titanfall continue to persist, and the reason is very simple: as explained by Jason Garza, Community Coordinator of Respawn, currently working on the Titanfall franchise there would be just 1- 2 developers. The rest are all busy on Apex Legends, which will soon welcome the Thrillseekers event and will soon see the announcement of a new season with a new Legend (the appointment is set at EA Play on July 22).

In other words, although Respawn has repeatedly declared all his love for Titanfall, it is very likely that we will have to wait a long time before we can play a new chapter in the series.