other Treasure classics coming up between Mega Drive and N64 games?

From October Nintendo Switch Online will host the Mega Drive and N64 games, Treasure said she was very satisfied with this novelty and two games from the Japanese company (Gunstar Heroes and Sin & Punishment) will be part of the launch lineup but other company titles could arrive. in the future.

To say it is the same study that with a message on social media talks about “other additions” coming to Nintendo Switch Online, inviting fans to keep their eyes open for any new publications of Treasure games on the platform.

And the rest would not be so strange considering that Treasure has published some real classics both on Mega Drive / Genesis and on Nintendo 64. Among the upcoming Mega Drive games in addition to Gunstar Heroes (confirmed) we can hypothesize the launch of titles such as Alien Soldier, Light Crusader and Dynamite Headdy while on N64 classics such as Bangai-O and popular games such as Mischief Makers can be mentioned, with Sin & Punishment available from launch.

According to some rumors, Nintendo Switch Online will also host Game Boy games as part of the new extended subscription plan, but at the moment there are no confirmations about it and the only certainty is given by the arrival of N64 and Mega Drive games starting from the month. of October.