our Video review of the Italian cyberpunk adventure

We offer you our video review of Foreclosed, the new cyberpunk adventure developed by the Italian developers of Antab Studio, shaping a graphic sector with a decidedly captivating visual style.

The latest intellectual property baked from Antab’s digital forges takes on the contours of an interactive graphic novel, a sort of “three-dimensional comic” in which to immerse yourself in the role of a man, Evan Kapnos, willing to do anything to regain possession of the his identity.

The tiring path undertaken by the protagonist of Foreclosed or studded with dangers, represented by the bad guys and organized crime that dominates the slums of his metropolis. The narrative plot drawn up by the Italian software house follows a progression dictated by the need, for Evan, to acquire the cybernetic grafts necessary to reconstruct the puzzle of his violated memories, and with them the upgrades of his gun or the firmware updates for the deputy brain chip. to the improvement of the combat system.

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