over 1 million copies sold, Torn Banner working to expand the game

A little less than two months after its launch, Chivarly 2 reaches and exceeds 1 million copies sold. This is an excellent milestone for Torn Banner Studios, with the software house making the announcement on the official Twitter profile of the pitched fighting game.

In addition to being a source of pride for the Canadian softwre house, the goal of 1 million copies is also important for the publisher Tripwire Interactive (editorial division of Tripwire Presents), which has never before reached such high numbers in sales of its products. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that this is excellent news for Epic Games Store, which on PC still holds the exclusivity of the medieval war game. Chivarly 2 is ultimately “the fastest-selling game ever” in Torn Banner Studios history.

The software house also shared some interesting details with its players two months after the debut, revealing for example that 420 million knights were killed in-game, that the hours played in total were over 8 million, and that the Officer turned out to be the all-time favorite class. Torn Banner finally stated that he is continuing to work on “expanding the game much, much more”. For all the insights on the title, we refer you to our Chivarly 2 review.