over 100 thousand simultaneous players

Five years have passed since the release of Dead by Daylight, yet the asymmetrical horror of Behavior Interactive does not cease to grind support and continues to attract an ever-increasing number of players.

As evidenced by the latest surveys of Valve’s digital platform, recently the Dead by Daylight servers have been able to attract something like 100,000 users at the same time, an incredibly high number that well represents Behavior’s commitment to actively support its work and the thick community that animates it.

The multiplayer experience offered by Dead by Daylight, in fact, has continued to be enriched with content, not to mention the optimization interventions and graphic improvements brought by the Realm Beyond restyling program.

The Dead by Daylight phenomenon is even destined to grow, if we look at the busy schedule of appointments planned by Behavior Interactive to celebrate the five years of multiplayer horror. From next July 15, in fact, players will be able to participate in a series of events and limited-time challenges to unlock numerous ingame bonuses such as 500,000 Blood Points, 9,000 Iridescent Shards or the free skins of David King and The Wraith.