over $ 13 billion for future acquisitions?

Adam Berggren, a Swedish investor specializing in videogame analysis, has published on the pages of his blog an interesting reflection on the next moves that Sony could make between now and 2023 to expand PlayStation Studios with new acquisitions of software houses.

The independent investor reconnected to the latest financial reports published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and to the statements shared by the executives of the Japanese technology giant, focusing on the great commercial success of PlayStation 5 and on the activities carried out in recent months to expand the family of subsidiaries of the PlayStation Studios.

After carefully evaluating the data emerging from the most recent quarterly reports of the Japanese company, Berggren comes to the conclusion that Sony Interactive Entertainment is potentially able to spend between 13 and 18 billion dollars (between 11.2 and 15.5 billion dollars. euro at the current exchange rate) to acquire new software houses.

As the independent investor himself explains, in fact, “Sony’s current goal is to grow SIE. Their in-house studios have incredibly large goals for growth, with most subsidiaries working on multiple fronts in shaping multiple The focus is on efficiency, but the final target is to allow each software house to maintain a production rate similar to that of Insomniac, with 2/4 games in development for each subsidiary. The areas with the greatest growth potential for Sony could be those of video games in Virtual Reality (where between 1 and 3 teams inside PlayStation Studios should be engaged) and in multiplayer, despite the volubility and unpredictability that characterizes the market of online video games “.

According to the investor, Sony Interactive Entertainment could focus from here on on finalizing agreements that allow PlayStation Studios to expand into regions such as the Middle East and countries such as Poland, Canada, Japan and China, thus ensuring a greater presence of the company in markets that have not yet been “explored”.