over 2000 players banned, most of them on PS4

Respawn Entertainment has done some cleaning on Apex Legends, turning away more than 2000 players for improper behavior in the course of the games of the popular free to play battle royale set in the Titanfall universe.

To reveal the move of the company was Conor Ford of Respawn, who with a post on Twitter specified that, to be precise, to be banned were 2086 players across multiple systems on which the game is available. What is particularly striking is the fact that the vast majority of banned users played on PlayStation 4, as many as 1965, against only 15 on Switch, 44 on PC and 62 on Xbox. Among the reasons behind the bans we find, for example, an abusive exploitation of matchmaking by high-ranking players, who could thus join the Bronze lobbies and earn points much faster in ranked matches.

Ford does not send them to say in a subsequent tweet, addressing directly to the incorrect players: “These bans have different durations depending on the severity of the abuse. A real shame to miss the beginning of a new Season, come back next time and enjoy the play correctly. ” In this regard, you can see a gameplay video with the contents of the new Season of Apex Legends, whose start is set for August 3, 2021. Still on the subject of the next, upcoming Season, here is also a video on the powers of Seer in Apex Legends.