Overwatch 2 loses over 90% viewers on Twitch: is the hype already dead?

The convincing debut of Overwatch 2 on Twitch seems to have lasted a short time and yes, it allowed the Blizzard FPS to exceed the previous record of spectators on the purple platform, but the moment of glory for the Beta with related drops seems to have ended: after a week, over 90% of the audience left the streams.

The hype for the sequel seems to have already faded after the distribution of access to the Beta on Twitch through the drops: if in the initial stages of launch there was talk of 1.5 million viewers, with the streamer xQc who also beat his absolute record of viewer, today there is talk of about 1,000-2,000 constant viewers, unless a big name does not broadcast it live.

While it is quite natural for audiences to decrease as more players receive access to the Beta, with the ability to play Overwatch 2 rather than watch it from other content creators, the decline is still noticeable and could prove to be near-fatal to popularity. of the title. If we add to that the not completely positive perception by many players, it is by no means an optimal situation for Blizzard.

We will most likely see a new boom in the category on Twitch with the official launch of Overwatch 2 but, for now, its creators just have to witness this sudden decline.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has explained how it will arrange the support heroes.