Overwatch, the Italian map Malevento postponed after the complaint to Activision?

According to a leak, yesterday Blizzard Entertainment should have announced a new Overwatch map: the plans, in any case, would have changed after the complaint filed against Activision Blizzard, accused of not adequately respecting the company’s employees.

This was revealed by Dexerto in an article no longer available online. According to the report, the name of the map – addressed to Deathmatch mode – would be Malevento. Set in Italy, it was due to debut in the Public Trial Region (PTR) on PC immediately after the announcement. The article described it as a map characterized by “a mix of narrow corridors and large open areas, which encourages close-range combat without discouraging wide-ranging actions typical of characters like Widowmaker, who excel at long range”. The launch on public servers was supposed to take place on August 17, but now we don’t know if Blizzard will stick to the plan.

The complaint to Activision, brought by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, has generated quite a stir, bringing the development problems of Warcraft 3 Reforged back to the fore. According to the accusers, some prominent elements in the offices of Activision Blizzard would have become the protagonists of sexist jokes and incorrect behavior towards female employees.