Part 2 is almost ready, confirms Hironobu Sakaguchi

Thanks to Fantasian’s stupendous debut on Apple Arcade, an eight-word tweet is enough for Hironobu Sakaguchi to ignite the enthusiasm of JRPG fans who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Part 2 of the new project signed by the father of Final Fantasy.

In the post shared by the legendary creator of Final Fantasy, the exponent of Mistwalker points out that “the Second Part of Fantasian is almost ready”, thus suggesting its imminent arrival in the Apple Arcade subscription service for iOS systems.

The new act of Fantasian’s episodic role-playing epic should remain in the wake traced by the first chapter and in doing so offer a narrative, playful and content-rich experience. The debut title of Sakaguchi’s latest JRPG work boasts over twenty hours of longevity and an extremely inspired artistic sector, with digital characters immersed in scenarios reconstructed “from life” with the diorama technique.

The hope of the fans is obviously to witness as soon as possible the launch of a Second Part that is capable of giving the same emotions as the first act and, why not, surprises both in terms of gameplay and in the strictly artistic one. At this point we just have to wait for the launch date of the Second Part of Sakaguchi’s great little rolistic jewel, but first we invite you to explore the peculiar playful, stylistic and gameplay universe of Mistwalker by reading our review of Fantasian.