peak of players in the Free Weekend that precedes Black Panther

The initiative launched by Square Enix with the Marvel’s Avengers Free Weekend was a great success: old and new fans of the Crystal Dynamics action adventure have repopulated the servers.

In fact, on reporting from the SteamDB portal, we discover how, during the special event organized by Square Enix for the upcoming launch of Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther, the peak of 10,000 players connected simultaneously on the servers of the PC Steam version has been reached and exceeded.

This is an incredible result, if we consider that the average number of users connected to Marvel’s Avengers servers hasn’t exceeded 1,000 concurrent players for months. At the time of writing, the connected player base continues to be well above the average of the last few months (about 7,000 simultaneous users on Steam), demonstrating the interest of fans for this title.

In March of this year, Crystal Dynamics boss Scott Amos explained that the free to play model for Marvel’s Avengers did not interest the developers of the title: the success of the Free Weekend and the imminent launch of War for Wakanda will push the Californian software house. to change your mind?

Waiting to find out, we leave you in the company of our special on the revolutionary 2021 of Marvel’s Avengers between Cosmic Cube and Black Panther.