pending the Mega Event, zombies infest the teaser

While the expectation and the curiosity of the players for the Mega Event of The Day Before mounts, the guys of Fntastic plunge us back into the atmosphere of their free roaming adventure in a post-apocalyptic setting to show us a disturbing teaser trailer.

The video packaged by the American authors immortalizes a corridor infested with zombies “in half-sleep”, an apparent calm that threatens to be broken at any moment with the appearance of the first uninfected human being.

As in past trailers, once again the Fntastic team focuses on the atmosphere to show off the evolved dynamic lighting system that will oversee the management of the day / night cycle and the gloomy atmosphere to be breathed in every building and room indoors.

According to the US developers, the Mega Event of The Day Before will be held in September and will allow fans of the genre to witness a new gameplay video and “other surprises” unspecified. According to some, during the digital show we could see the rumored announcement of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of The Day Before, perhaps seasoned with a new batch of details on the free roaming mechanics, on the combat system or even only on the control window. indicative marketing.

If you want to know more about this title inspired by The Division and the horror atmospheres of Days Gone and The Last of Us, our advice can only be to stay on these pages to read our special on the promising open world survival The Day Before.